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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hello and Goodnight

This is a fairly usual blog topic film and entertainment reviews.

Though I am not trained as a critic, I have spent years of my life watching, enjoying and discussing film with my friends, family and other movie patrons. The discussion here will be short, too the point and blatanly plain. No artsy, pretentious bush beating.

In all cases there will be minimal to no movie jargon, "leet speak" or any other form of literary abortion mostly because I find it annoying and who really knows what "Kafka-esque" really means.

A little back ground on myself: I am a college student, in computer science, that spends most of his leisure time, not on the computer, but watching the new releases from the video store or going to see films at the local cineplex. I'm a sci-fi buff in every respect. I play around with digital photography. Video games are cool, the more turn-based the better.

Thats all I can think of right now, Things will keep coming up. And now for your feature presentation...


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