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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science News

Here's some news that have happened over the the past few months:

On july 5, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released their new member invitation list in all its glory. Found here.
* Note: Dakota Fanning is on the list. Trying to get them young, just like the tobacco companies.

A month later, they invited 83 foreign countries to submit films, in the category of foreign language film, to be judged for their prestigious awards. Found here.

Afterwards, the IRS wants to tax the pants off anyone who accepts the gift baskets. Peaceful resolution found here.

Ellen Degeneres was chosen to be the host of the awards ceremony. Found here. Chris Rock or Jon Stewart would have been my picks to reprise their roles as host.

Yesterday, the contest for average-joes to win tickets to see the fabulous award ceremony from the red carpet closed. Hopefully, my entry is picked so on a frigid February morning I would be boarding a plane to sunny Los Angeles. Found here.


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