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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oscar Picks!

Oh, how the time flies! This will be the second Academy Awards that I cover ( last year, my accuracy at picking the winners was approx 50%) and to mark this occasion, I am going to be making two lists, one of my picks and the other of dark horses that may just squeak in. I’ll be posting a more comprehensive list later but for now, here are the picks for the big five categories:

Best Actor:

Actors that can realistically portray human frailty and dramatic personal growth usually win this award.

My pick: Forest Whitaker

Dark horse: Ryan Golsing

Best Actress:

Actresses who play strong female role models that have both a sensitive and an authoritative side usually win this award.

My pick: Helen Mirren

Dark horse: Penelope Cruz

Best Director:

This one usually goes to the director of the film that is the runner up for the Best Picture.

My pick: Martin Scorsese – The Departed (but not out of pity for Scorsese, this really was his best since Casino)

Dark horse: Alejandro González Iñárritu – Babel

Best Foreign Film:

This category is wide open. Sometimes, art films win, other times, films that generate large box office revenues win. This one is a crap shoot at best when it comes to patterns.

My pick: Pan’s Labyrinth

Dark horse: Water

Best Picture:

Usually, Films picked for this category has had some impact on film making or the film industry in general, but this year the nominees are smaller indie type films.

My pick: Babel

Dark horse: Little Miss Sunshine


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