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Thursday, November 02, 2006

"Shaun of the Dead" Team Back in Action

The men behind the outrageously funny Shaun of the Dead (SotD), Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, are teaming up again to bring us a police comedy called Hot Fuzz. The general plot line is that Pegg plays a super-keen cop who gets transferred from the big city to a small town precinct.

Familiar faces dot the screen: Nick Frost, Rafe Spall, and Bill Nighy (all from Shaun of the Dead), Timothy Dalton (of James Bond fame), Jim Broadbent (Gangs of New York and Art School Confidential) and Martin Freeman (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).

From what I can see the humour is very much like SotD. In the trailers, found here, they make some references that fans will recognize. It looks like another interesting take on an American movie staple, the buddy-cop comedy. I’m looking forward to seeing this one when it’s released in March of next year.

There isn’t an official movie poster out yet, but the pic above was taken at The Comic-Con.

For more info, downloads (they made video journals during the filming which are pretty good) and pictures check out the Hot Fuzz Webpage, found here.


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