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Friday, June 20, 2008

American Film Institute's Top 10 of Everything

The AFI has just published their top ten lists (no-one likes to read real articles anymore) for the summer. They’ve pretty much broken film into ten main genres and spit out a list for each.

There are quite a few interesting choices but there is an equal amount of puzzling ones. Is Field of Dreams more a Fantasy movie or a Sports movie? The AFI classes it as Fantasy. Regardless, these lists are filled with some of the greatest American films of all time, though Citizen Kane is no where to be found.

My all-time favourite film, Lawrence of Arabia, tops out the Epic category. Other familiar titles taking their respective top spots are: Disney’s Snow White for Animation, The Godfather part 1 for Gangster, Raging Bull for Sports, Vertigo for Mystery, 2001 for Sc-fi, To Kill a Mockingbird for Courtroom Drama, Wizard of Oz for Fantasy, City Lights for Romantic Comedy and The Searchers for Westerns.

Take a gander over at the AFI’s webpage.


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