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Friday, October 07, 2005

Rental Reviews

Since I'm not getting out to as many movies as I would like I am going to start to post movie rental reviews.

The Final Cut (starring Robin Williams, Mira Sorvino and James Caviezel)

Set in a not-to-distant future, implants allow grieving families to replay cherished moments of the deceased. The film discusses the virtues and the flaws of these implants via a several "re-memory" funerals and an implied conspiracy, respectively.

Sophomore writer/director Omar Naim takes a crack at a big budget flick and comes out with a film that looks great, has a decent story but falls flat in the end. The movie flails around, throwing in subplot after subplot and is required to use the Deus-Ex Machina resolution (Spark notes guide to movie endings). The actors were good choices and they played their parts well. If there was a bit more closure at the end of the film it would have been more of a success.

Naim is a talented director and watch out for more!

Rent or Not? Rent it.

Sin City (starring Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Devon Aoki, etc)

This film has so many stars I thought it may implode like Oceans12 or BeCool. Every actor in the film is accomplished and plays their role, even the cameo parts (frank miller is the priest), very well. There was not one part that was miscast.

Sin City revolves around the lives of the residents/patrons of Old Town, Basin City - It’s a cool assassin, a dame in peril or just another psychokiller. The movie is based off Frank Millers Comic book series Sin City ( That Yellow Bastard, The Hard Kill and The Big Fat Kill, other bits of the comics were put in from the compilation of short stories called The Babe Wore Red). This movie was excellent even though there are some quirky continuity, dialogue and costume errors along the way. The black and white+ colour splash digital filming gave it a comic book feel. There is a site that does a scene by scene break down of both comic and movie and it’s rather amazing.

Rent or Not? This movie is worth buying.


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