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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Film Watching Etiquette pt.2

Since most of the rental probelms have been solved lets move to the big screen.

1. Turn off your phones, pagers and anything else you have. "but it's an Ipod!" you'll say but when I can hear it from 4 feet away it's too loud. Not only do these things ruin the movie for other people, how can you sit there and understand the movie whilst listening to the newest from Kraftwerk?

2. Your pompous movie critique friend, your loud mouth arrogant friend, your ditzy girlfriend are all jackasses for not shutting up. Throw a muzzle on them all or leave them at home. oh, and thanks for the genius comments they'll throw out during the quiet moments like "continuity error", " yeah, boy!" or " I can't see you Sara, can you see me?"

3. Though bringing beer to the theatre is fine, don't be and idiot and smash the bottles on the ground. That's just stupid.

4. If you came to the movies to make out, keep in the back seats. Last thing I want to see is some greasy nerd getting it on, obscuring my view of Saw II.

Well, I've ranted myself out. I hope this casts some light on the current status of movie viewing from the perspective of an average movie viewer.


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