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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Least likely comic book movies

You may or may not know that yours truly is a comic book geek. Yeah, two socially inept stereotypes rolled into one. With recent sucesses and past failures at making comic book movies, here's a list of books that should not be released in live action format.

5. The Flaming Carrot:
Like the name suggests the main character of this movie is a detective who, instead of having a human head has a head shaped like a carrot but instead of having a leafy green top part it has flames. He runs around solving crimes, rescuing dames and kicking peoples teeth in. Great comic book, awful movie idea.
4. Turok:
First person shooting like DOOM, but in the jungle, killinging dinosaurs. Passable video game, uninteresting comic, bad movie.
3. Gen13/DV8:
Dawson's creek but with nubile super-heroes and super-heroines. My favourite artist worked on this comic but other than that it was dull.
2. Howard the Duck...wait they made this.
1. Too Much Coffee Man:
A hero that knows no bounds when imbibing the sweet, sweet nectar of life, coffee. Was ripped off by Mad-TV and now the regular joe hates the character.

I did like the comic form of most of these books. The ideas are great for little 32 page stories but for a 100 minute movie. I think it would grind on peoples nerves.


  • I always liked the Cofeeman on MAD TV, he was the only reoccuring character I liked. Pat Kilbane is a funny guy.

    Also: You forgot PRO*STARS.

    By Blogger Malfarious J, at 8:59 PM  

  • Mad TV coffeman = too much trying to be funny and not quite getting there + not enough coffee.

    Pro*stars in live action would rock, you could even get the guys to do it themselves, because wtf are Mike, Bo and Wayne doing? Nothing worthwhile, I can tell you that much.

    By Blogger Danny Smooth, at 9:54 PM  

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